Doctors Seek New Ways to Treat Loss of Muscle From Aging


While an interesting article by the New York Times, I feel that more could have been said about a persons individual ability to counter the effects of sarcopenia by incorporating a strength training program into their daily routine.

Remember an ounce of prevention, is always going to be worth a pound of cure, and with our skeletal muscle we have an amazing opportunity to counter the impact of sarcopenia and live a stronger more robust  quality of life.

An outcome that has health benefits that go way beyond sarcopenia itself. 


Beef up with lean beef?

The underappreciated role of muscle in health and disease

Traci Wilson, Director of Nutrition, Wisconsin Beef Council, discusses the results of recently published research and puts forward their case for beef and muscle health.

In a strategy to ‘beef up’ the recommendations suggest that by including lean beef in our diet we can enjoy a healthy active lifestyle and help protect ourselves against sarcopenia…

Can delaying sarcopenia have a positive impact on osteoporosis?

While thinning bones (osteoporosis) render the skeleton prone to fractures, its the gradual erosion of lean muscle (sarcopenia) and ensuing frailty which leads to the falls.

Sarcopenia, which will be faced by every man and women, can be delayed through a resistance training program, which through the lifting of weights can reverse the loss of strength associated with aging.

Yet as a beneficial side effect, your bones which provide the rigidity to your muscular structure, have been shown in countless studies to become denser in response to the increased strain being placed upon them.

Therefore, the answer seems to be that by working to counter the impact of sarcopenia one can benefit from the natural increases in bone density associated with the restoration and maintenance of your lean muscle, strength and ability to exercise.

Sarcopenia Day – 21st June 2011.

The first official Sarcopenia Day is scheduled for the 21st June 2011. 

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About Sarcopenia

Coined in the 1980′s to help focus funding from the United States congress, sarcopenia (pronounced Sarko-peen-Ya) describes the gradual erosion of lean muscle and weakening of the human body.

Despite being named by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as one of the top five biggest health risks facing the US population and healthcare costs estimated to be $11.8 – $26.2 billion in the USA alone, sarcopenia still remains widely unknown outside of professional medical circles. 

Proposed as a global event, Sarcopenia Day will help raise awareness of a condition whose impact will be felt by every man and women and provide advice on how best we can delay its onset by preserving our strength and ability to exercise through the physical and dietary choices we make today.

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Sarcopenia featured on Argentina’s C5N

Argentina’s C5N news channel has broadcast an eight minute segment on Sarcopenia.

Marking the first major coverage of sarcopenia by a national broadcaster, Argentina’s obesity specialist Dr Cormillot took viewers through what sarcopenia is and how best they can delay its onset through a series of resistance training exercises.

For the complete broadcast see below: