Beef up with lean beef?

The underappreciated role of muscle in health and disease

Traci Wilson, Director of Nutrition, Wisconsin Beef Council, discusses the results of recently published research and puts forward their case for beef and muscle health.

In a strategy to ‘beef up’ the recommendations suggest that by including lean beef in our diet we can enjoy a healthy active lifestyle and help protect ourselves against sarcopenia…

No Entry for drive-thru’s


In a move designed to combat obesity and ease traffic jams, city planners in Baldwin Park, California, the birth place of the modern fast food drive-thru, have announced that they are full.

Taking effect this fourth July weekend city planner Salvador Lopez has said “We here in Baldwin Park have taken strides to create a healthy community, and allowing one more drive-through in is not going to meet that goal.”

Perhaps, ironically, In ‘N’ Out Burger which opened the world’s first drive-thru in 1948, has avoided the negative reputation of the fast food industry and built up an iconic following, serving fresh, fast food as demanded by its late founder, Harry Snyder.