From the XI International Congress on Obesity


Gathered in Stockholm this week, 2500 health care professionals, researchers, policy makers and media are gathered from across the world to try and get to grips with obesity.

On first impressions there appears to be a shared sense of disbelief at the speed at which obesity has established itself as the greatest threat to public health this century.

As the obesity epidemic unfolds, the reality that the one billion overweight or obese people now equal the one billion undernourished of the third world, provides a stark reality to the seriousness of the situation.

Nevertheless this coming week is going to provide those attending a chance to learn from each other and strategize for the effective handling of this largely preventable crisis.

Sarcopenia Day – 21st June 2011.

The first official Sarcopenia Day is scheduled for the 21st June 2011. 

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About Sarcopenia

Coined in the 1980′s to help focus funding from the United States congress, sarcopenia (pronounced Sarko-peen-Ya) describes the gradual erosion of lean muscle and weakening of the human body.

Despite being named by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as one of the top five biggest health risks facing the US population and healthcare costs estimated to be $11.8 – $26.2 billion in the USA alone, sarcopenia still remains widely unknown outside of professional medical circles. 

Proposed as a global event, Sarcopenia Day will help raise awareness of a condition whose impact will be felt by every man and women and provide advice on how best we can delay its onset by preserving our strength and ability to exercise through the physical and dietary choices we make today.

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European Obesity Day


The first European Obesity Day (EOD) supported by professional health groups across Europe will take place on the 22nd May 2010. 

Proposed as an annual event it will bring together the medical and political communities with the public with a view to motivating and supporting overweight Europeans to help them reach and maintain a healthy body weight and improve their health and quality of life.

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