Providing the strength to stand, walk and pick things up, our skeletal muscle provides each of us with the physical freedom we enjoy.

Yet its erosion and the speed at which it occurs has a direct impact on how fast we age, as we move towards a sedentry lifestyle, frailty and the disability zone, a conditon now being refferred to as sarcopenia. 

Now it doesn’t matter whether your a king or queen, a billionaire or an average person like me, the speed at which we age is down to how fast we allow our skeletal muscle to erode besed on the physical and dietary decisions we make each day. 

So lets show our muscle some LOVE and work to protect it from erosion by lifting weights and consuming a diet sufficient in protein, at regular intervals throughout the day.

Join us for the next World Sarcopenia Day 06/21/2012. A campaign designed to get people to THINK MUSCLE!

Stay strong! :-)