Senior Citizens Suffer From ‘Tea and Toast Syndrome’


SANTA MONICA, Calif., Feb. 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Elderly people who live on their own that don’t prepare whole meals or don’t know how tend to dwindle their intake to “tea and toast” at the expense of vital nutrients and their health, according to an article published in the February issue of Food Nutrition & Science.  

According to Nutritionist Ellie Wilson, MS, RD of Price Chopper Supermarkets, “Tea and Toast Syndrome” leads to reduced calories and a gradual loss of wellness and muscle due to poor protein intake.  Wilson says research is showing that snacking may be a great way for seniors to meet their needs.

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IssueLab: Growing Older, Staying Strong: Preventing Sarcopenia Through Strength Training

Sarcopenia is a significant yet overlooked problem in the older

population. Analogous to the loss of bone mass commonly known

as osteoporosis, sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass, which results in

the loss of strength.


Like osteoporosis, sarcopenia can have devastating

consequences for an older individual, who can experience difficulty

bathing, dressing, or other daily activities. Sarcopenia puts older

persons at risk of sustaining a fall or simply being unable to care

for themselves. Ultimately, this may require nursing home care.



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