A resistance to resistance training?


When I mention resistance training, people often think of body builders with huge muscles bulging and popping from everywhere, but does the world of cast iron and steel hold the key to a stronger, longer and more robust quality of life?

As the engine of the human body, our skeletal muscle provides us with the strength and physical freedom we each enjoy, but having evolved for an environment quite different to the one we live today, our muscular structures are under threat from this world of automation and over-mechanization.

While body builders take the art of resistance training to the extreme, we need to think of lifting weights as the means to artificially replicate the stresses and strains that our body’s where designed for.

Thus by preserving our strength and physical function, we can delay the impact of sarcopenia and postpone our entry into a sedentary lifestyle, frailty and the disability zone.

Stay strong! :-)