Q: How tall does a tree grow?


A: As tall as it possibly can…

Yet the human body, from the moment it reaches full maturity, begins a gradual yet steadfast decline towards the end of its lifespan - and no where is this decline more evident than in the erosion of skeletal muscle and physical strength.

A condition now being referred to as sarcopenia…

As your muscle erodes you become weaker, as you become weaker you lose the ability to exercise, as you lose the ability to exercise you enter a sedentary lifestyle, and along the road to frailty and entry into the disability zone :-(

It seems that our body ‘unlearns’ its physical ability as it goes from being physically dependent upon our parents to once again relying on someone else for its ability to move about?



Gold standard in body composition analysis just got cheaper

The gold standard in body composition (muscle to fat) analysis just got cheaper and presumably more accessible with GE Healthcare’s Lunar InBody range.


At Obesity 2010, I got a chance to hop on their InBody 720 and after a couple of minutes and some harmless electrical currents passing through my body, was in possession of a break down of my muscle received a print out (results to follow) showing the percentage breakdown and distribution of my body’s muscle and fat. 

While bioelectrical impedance has been around for while this level of accuracy has not. This machine which retails for around US$16k will bring research grade analysis and an understanding of the unique relationship that exists between our lean muscle and fat to a wider audience.    

YMCA USA partners with United Health Group to help tackle Diabetes

In a pioneering move the YMCA of the USA and the UHG are partnering to offer community driven exercise programs to help combat the growing problem of Diabetes and Obesity.

Paid for by the insurer, UHG through a preventative model is seeking to stop the problem before it becomes an even bigger, by offering its members the chance to participate in a landmark Diabetes Prevention Program developed by the University of Indiana and funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

When considering the importance of maintaining our lean muscle, strength and ability to exercise, this inovative combination of publicly funded acadenic research, community based organisation and the forsight of UHG offers a proactive blue print, as we look to stem the unabated rise of diabetes and obesity.