Doctors Seek New Ways to Treat Loss of Muscle From Aging


While an interesting article by the New York Times, I feel that more could have been said about a persons individual ability to counter the effects of sarcopenia by incorporating a strength training program into their daily routine.

Remember an ounce of prevention, is always going to be worth a pound of cure, and with our skeletal muscle we have an amazing opportunity to counter the impact of sarcopenia and live a stronger more robust  quality of life.

An outcome that has health benefits that go way beyond sarcopenia itself. 


Beef up with lean beef?

The underappreciated role of muscle in health and disease

Traci Wilson, Director of Nutrition, Wisconsin Beef Council, discusses the results of recently published research and puts forward their case for beef and muscle health.

In a strategy to ‘beef up’ the recommendations suggest that by including lean beef in our diet we can enjoy a healthy active lifestyle and help protect ourselves against sarcopenia…

The Rising Obesity Tide – Freakonomics Blog


USA: Obesity crisis worsens as nine states report that over 30% of their population are obese, with no single state succeeding in getting its obesity levels below 15%…

We have to question what role muscle erosion (sarcopenia) and the overall weakening of society is having on our reduced physical activity and calorie expenditure in fueling such disappointing results.

The restoration and maintenance of our muscular structures through the consumption of an adequate diet and resistance training program is key to maintaining our strength and ability to exercise and should form the backbone in our individual battle against obesity, one body, one fat cell at a time…