Sarcopenia Day

Coined in the 1980′s to help focus funding from the United States congress, sarcopenia (pronounced Sarko-peen-Ya) describes the gradual erosion of lean muscle and weakening of the human body and subsequent shut down of key bodily functions.

Yet despite the fact that sarcopenia will impact each and every one of us, knowledge and understanding of this condition remains widely unknown outside of professional medical circles.

So we may bridge this gap I propose the establishment of a global sarcopenia day to help people better understand the debilitating impact of sarcopenia and how best they can delay its onset by preserving our strength and ability to exercise through the physical and dietary choices they make today.

In 2004, the annual healthcare costs of sarcopenia in the USA, was estimated to be between $11.8 to $26.2 billion. A figure that with the graying of America is expected to escalate unless effective public health campaigns are implemented to reduce the onset and occurrence of sarcopenia.

Should anyone wish to help me achieve this, then please get involved here.